Our product and public liability insurance policies cover the cost of compensation claims if someone is injured by your products, or if your products cause their damage to their property. These types of insurance are essential to your operation and allow you to trade with confidence. Contact Partscover today to get your free quote.

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We know that what you do is special and in regard to insurance here’s why…

  • Parts supplied to the auto industry sometimes include safety critical items such as brake parts. Whilst the likelihood of anything going wrong may be remote – if something does go wrong the consequences could be serious. You need liability insurance that covers this.
  • You may from time to time show that personal touch to some of your valued customers – fitting a new battery, replacing wiper blades, light bulbs and so on. This is where you need cover to include loss resulting from defective work.
  • We arrange a limit of £5,000,000 public and products liability as standard, and increasingly higher limits are required, particularly following the recent changes in law to the Ogden Discount Rate which overnight led to long term injury claim costs increasing dramatically. It is now more common for these types of claims to get close to or even exceed the limit of liability based on data provided by many UK Insurers.
  • If you supply to North America it is again vital to have the right cover. The legal system in USA and Canada is different to the UK where payments tend to be much higher and unpredictable. On top of this UK insurers do not have expertise in dealing with these matters. One certainty is that the costs to deal with/defend an alleged action from North America are not small!

Our Tailored Insurance Offer Includes:


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